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  With changing Business Landscape it becomes important for Management to be in control of the Business rather than external   factors derieving the direction. Enterprises to define strategy need on-demand information and is it's said anything which cannot   be measued cannot be identified, We at Cyberica help your enterprise identify and quantify key indicators to create a digital   dashoard which act as an indicator of your business health. Business Groups which can benefit by availablilty of such   Enterprise Performance Management tools.

  Human Resources

  - Create KPI to assess individual skills development in corelation to companies growth objectives
  - Identify sub-groups with risk factor of leaving against revenue loss for filling the same position.
  - Integrate with HR & Payroll software for individual as an asset performance. Eg generate warning on leave from office 2     saturdays in row as potentially giving interviews outside.

  Customer Management

  - New Customer Acquisation vs Previous customer group
  - Identification of focus sub-group vertical of growths
  - Attiration of existing customers based on factors
  - Financial impact on organization per customer including revenue,liability,investment made for retention, potential future revenues

  Marketing Channel Management

  - Channel growth management vs lead management
  - Campaign wise channel partner identification and return per channel
  - Product movement based on integration with Warehouse/Inventory Management

   Their are many other business groups which we can help with your organization to help define strategy by providing up to date   information from within the organization and quantify external factors.