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  Cyberica e-retailing solutions provide benefits in following key areas:

  - Web Store Front
  - Business Intelligence
  - eMarketing
  - Customer Relationship Management
  - Purchasing
  - Supply Chain Management

  Web Store Front – Online Catalog

  Web store front symbolizes your path to e-commerce activities of your organization. Generally people tend to look it as an online   catalog of product/services offering. Our research indicates a successful e-commerce site catalog should make an item   accessible within 5-6 clicks. So if your catalog is just published online as done offline just listing items, it will make difficult for   your customers to find items online reducing your actual ROI from a web presence.

  We look at optimizing your offerings to be listed in your store front based on your customer specific usability metrics. Not only we   optimize the offerings but help create discovery tools using latest search methodologies and product management techniques.   Which help your customer find the right product with right dimension converting lead into a quality sale.

  As every store has different requirements our customized web catalog product comes with catalog management and reporting   tools. Using the online catalog you will be able to manage online product listing pages, categories and pricing.

  This system comes with powerful search capabilities and helps you manage discounting and pricing changes. Also these tools   not only you can effectively manage your own catalog but also let other retailers aggregate up to date product   specification and   inventory availability.
  So a catalog would not only bring advantage to online web store front but your offline retail operations to remain updated on   product line offerings and help customers make more informed decision leading to increase in sales.

  Clients running our solutions

  - Evinix Accessories
  - First Manufacturing, NY
  - Décor Delight

  Business Intelligence – Analytics

  Managing online customer interaction requires understand each step being taken by potential customer and measuring against   various groups identified on basis of different patterns. As each business is unique so does the pattern/KPI for measuring   customer ease of product usability and satisfaction varies.

  Cyberica help your organization identify those unique patterns and KPI’s to help you measure impact of customer satisfaction on   profitability by
  - Reducing shopping cart abandonment
  - Increase checkout completion
  - Reduce page departures
  - Manage Breadth and Depth of product selection
  - Abandonment vs. call to centre
  - Manage failed onsite search terms

  The idea is to help you increase revenues and customer satisfaction by providing support tools to your business analysts to   analyze data rather than spending time gathering it.

  Advantage Cyberica is ability to understand fundamentals, as we know your customer request is not fulfilled till the time they   receive the service/product. Hence just having efficient shopping cart does make customer happy in short-term but in long-term   customer may not repeat business if product took more than stipulated time to deliver or call centre wasn’t unable to provide him   correct status on his goods delivery.

  Based on intelligence gather Cyberica provides services to achieve returns by relating product performance with sales revenue.

  CRM – Profit Centre Management

  Getting a new customer can cost up to six times as much as retaining an existing one. By getting better business intelligence   about your customers' needs, you improve your ability to anticipate and fulfill their needs and reduce costs from your operational,   marketing, sales, and service budgets. We can help you realize this return by implementing and customizing your CRM application   to align with your organizational goals and integrate with your e-commerce retail front and other workflow applications.

  Cyberica can help you develop custom CRM solution which can work in distributed work environment to generate input from   business process. Hence generating transparency within organization and reduce number of queries received from clients. The   helpdesk solutions we implement can be integrated to bring your call centre and customer pain points in line but also let web   remain the first choice of customer interaction and problem resolving.

  With customer care and CRM infrastructure being looked as a cost centre, its important we ensure the product we are trying to   implement helps you bring return on investment.

  By implementing CRM solutions we can help you identify various sub-groups among your customers. Based on group behavior   we help you create strategies to increase quality of sales which in turn reflect in revenue numbers generated.

  Overall Cyberica solutions team is staffed with experts comprising many years of experience in front-office business. This   expertise, combined with our deep technical knowledge enables our clients to:
  • Identify the types of businesses and consumers they wish to target
  • Create personalized product and service offerings that attract the largest number of the best customers
  • Understand the profitability of their customers
  • Maximize customer retention

  E- Marketing – New Media Tools

  In the era of search engine optimization Cyberica help you take a different approach for your business. We help you build a   content strong presence on the internet.

  Using the new media marketing tools like blogging and conversation management, we ensure your business remains on top of the   vertical you are part of.

  Blogs are frequently updated, journal-style web pages that contain opinion, links and commentary. Cyberica will work with clients   to develop proprietary blogging strategies, from creation and marketing to sponsorships and advertising, geared to increasing   relevance among target audiences. Blogging provides a unique and highly effective platform to connect with key constituents and   audiences who are more difficult to reach via traditional marketing and public relations.


  Co-branding is used as an important tool for brand marketing and increasing revenues. Using online catalog platform companies   can manage co-branded portals from existing catalog management tools.

  Loyalty Program management

  Loyalty programs are effective tool for to customer retention and up-selling and cross-selling of products. Cyberica can help you   extend your offline loyalty program to online loyalty program helping you integrate the infrastructure and derive benefits for both   the channels.

  Other E-marketing tools which can help your e-retailing initiative

  - Gift Certificate Program
  - Coupon campaigns
  - E-mail list collection and management
  - Micro sites creation and management for sub-products

  Case Study

  When of our e-retailing customer had to implement a gift certificate program we had to look at various aspect on how it should not   just act as e-currency but bring value to the person using the gift certificate program.

  In the program we implemented the buyer of gift certificate is requested for as much details possible he can give about the   potential user of the gift certificate so that when the gift certificate user approach the site we have a chance to be suggestive in   nature on products to select. Other thing we did was send notification on gift purchased by gift certificate encasher to the actual   gift certificate purchasing user so those users also get details on what is the liking of certificate users.


  Every successful online catalog has end up with a good purchasing or online booking engine. Cyberica has more than 5+ years   experience in e-payment systems. We help you implement e-payment system comes with multi-item concise pre-checkout   summary that shows customers the total cost including all shipping prices and applicable taxes. The system let your customers to   make payment using credit cards, reward points, gift certificates.

    - advanced fraud detection rules to minimize chargeback’s
   - complex shipping rules to support multiple shipping options


  - Debt Elimination Group

  Supply Chain Management

  It’s important if your e-retail products are to be shipping via existing channels like stores. The system need to be integrated with   your existing supply chain.

  Our strategies will design a system which integrates with your existing shipping, ordering and commission management system.

  Our integrated vendor management also helps you manage existing inventory and create order list for procurements to be made   from external vendors.