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  Cyberica provides deep, industry-specific solutions. This allows us to create significantly greater business value, more quickly,   for our clients. Since our foundation in 1999 we have gained extensive experience in serving companies that have complex   channels, high transaction volumes, extensive product lines, intricate legacy systems, and low tolerance for systems failure.

  Our finding indicates 90% of procurement is carried out using tendering processes. This lead to establishment of E-Procurement   Practice with aim to help client organization bring maximum transparency, reduce operational cost and time, and eliminate   cumbersome paper work, thus bringing efficiency in the tendering process.

  Cyberica’s e-procurement solutions provide benefits in following key areas:

  - Supplier Management
  - Indent Management
  - RFP Management
  - Catalogue Management
  - Contract Management
  - E-Payment

  Supplier Management

  Supplier forms the core integral user for any e-procurement system being implemented. As an organization procures product and   services from hundreds of different suppliers. It’s become essential to criteria in the base of suppliers available for type of   procurements being planned.

  Benefit for Organization

  - Supplier classification based on organization specific criteria/attributes.

  - Information can be used as pre-qualification criteria for automating evaluation of technical bids

  Benefits for Suppliers

  - Single point to access all tender information

  - Notification based on tender classification and supplier attributes.

  Indent Management

  To streamline the tendering process it’s necessary that tender document preparation is also carried out using the online   procurement system.

  This helps in streamlining tender approval processes and keeping intact organizations procurement process knowledge.

  - Generation of RFP from standard organization template broken down for multiple user RFP creation and approval

  - Integrate workflow for check approve and comment process

  - Document movement electronically ensue access to authorized individual in organization for speedy approval and document     management.

  - Reports generated help identify clog points which may some time takes weeks within a large organization.

  RFP Management

  RFP management module kicks into action once RFP has been created using indent management module.
  Using RFP Management module organization can carry out following activity

  - Advertise tender on Supplier Portal

  - Classify tender into various categories e.g. (Public/Private/Semi- Private)

  - Make available all tender documents online for suppliers to view and download

  - Generate web survey to get response from suppliers on intention to bid

  - Manage F.A.Q to answer queries from suppliers related to tender

  - Receive Quotes from suppliers

  - Quotes can be changed by suppliers before the closing deadline of acceptance bid

  - Bid Weighing and ranking of quotes based on technical criteria and price bid format

  - Generation of organization specific MIS reports

  Catalogue Management

  Catalogue management module helps organization manage all rate contracts information pre-negotiated with suppliers classified   on basis of organization item requirement.

  Catalogue management allows suppliers to keep latest rate on offer for products and average time to deliver with other minimum   order requirement.

  It helps organization compare multiple suppliers offering on similar specification platform with price as differentiating factor. Ease   of access or availability of catalogue help reduce procurement cycle by avoiding going for tendering each time for procurement   and also help in procurement budgeting and planning.


  - Ability to generate built-in logic which will automatically check for authorization, handle accounting formalities, generate usage   reports and forward delivery information

  - Ease of availability of rate contract information will increase usage across organization

  - MIS reporting help purchase officer in estimating product or service demand

  Contract Management

  Contract management module help automate post RFP acceptance process which involves from issuing of work order for   management of contract terms till work is completed.

  Advantages for organization
  - Manage project accounting with bills payments and application of penalties.

  - Measure cycle times and evaluate productivity

  - Conduct contract audits

  - Identify key business trends in spending and purchasing operations

  - Perform workload planning
  When in place for a period of time, the system collects a repository of knowledge that can be used to measure the performance   of a supplier