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  Getting a new customer can cost up to six times as much as retaining an existing one. By getting better business intelligence   about your customers' needs, you improve your ability to anticipate and fulfill their needs and reduce costs from your operational,   marketing, sales, and service budgets. We can help you realize this return by implementing and customizing your CRM application   to align with your organizational goals and integrate with your e-commerce retail front and other workflow applications.

  Cyberica can help you develop custom CRM solution which can work in distributed work environment to generate input from   business process. Hence generating transparency within organization and reduce number of queries received from clients. The   helpdesk solutions we implement can be integrated to bring your call centre and customer pain points in line but also let web   remain the first choice of customer interaction and problem resolving.

  With customer care and CRM infrastructure being looked as a cost centre, its important we ensure the product we are trying to   implement helps you bring return on investment.

  By implementing CRM solutions we can help you identify various sub-groups among your customers. Based on group behavior   we help you create strategies to increase quality of sales which in turn reflect in revenue numbers generated.

  Overall Cyberica solutions team is staffed with experts comprising many years of experience in front-office business. This   expertise, combined with our deep technical knowledge enables our clients to:
  • Identify the types of businesses and consumers they wish to target
  • Create personalized product and service offerings that attract the largest number of the best customers
  • Understand the profitability of their customers
  • Maximize customer retention

    Case Study - U.K based System Builder needed to automate service centre operations

    Our Customer wanted to develop a support portal to manage and troubleshoot customer queries. To reduce number of lines at         their service centre and provide transparency in the whole process to managers managing the service centres.

    Not only implementation helped in increasing customer satisfaction but also the following

    - Staff Planning
    - Reduce Lead Time
    - Identify major product flaws
    - Increase revenues from existing customers by 17%
    - Develop Marketing database