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   Organizations have adopted web based portals as a means to share information with customers, partners and internally among    various departments and company personnel. These portals can be classified as internal or external, based on the nature of          access. These portals provide secure and customized views of enterprise information, access to selected enterprise                      applications and supports collaborative teamwork across companies. Irrespective of the evolvement of new portals the                   requirement of the end users be it consumers, customers, partners or corporate employees, remains stable. End users across       an array of business segments through these external and internal portals seek a hassle free access to information and                functionality to select the content they want to view as well as the format.

   At Cyberica we develop portal solutions by carrying out detailed analysis of the purpose and the major requirements of our             clients behind having a portal. Special attention is paid to providing a personal experience to each user on the portal through          personalized and localized interfaces. Highly flexible, reliable and scalable portal solutions are developed to meet our client's          diverse needs such as

  • enterprise application integration
  • enterprise data integration
  • secure data access
  • seamless information availability
  • speedy and intuitive navigation of personalized data views
  • content management
  • content aggregation and reporting

   Consulting Services Rendered

  • Identification of New Modules for increasing productivity of stake holders and achievement of portal objectives
  • Portal Marketing and Promotional Activities Planning
  • Defining new channel of growth for generating return on Investment

   Some of our Clients using Portal Management Practices

  • National Small Scale Industries Corporation Ltd
  • G.G.S.Indraprastha University
  • Air Force Bal Bharati School,New Delhi

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