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   Enterprise Resource Planning forms important part of any organizations strategy to capture flow of business process and draw    benefit with integration to draw single view. Our Enterprise Resource Planning services stack is based on implementation of          various solutions developed specific to industry segment of your working.

   What is Different?

   Although their are many providers which claim to provide ERP solutions. Most of them tend to build solutions based on existing       product line without integration of flow so rather than implementing an integrated application which provide you single view of       your processes what you get is combination of legacy implementations and custom development trying to fulfill each function of    your organization.

   In the changing scenario where connected world forms an important channel of customer acquisation and management its             necessary for any organization large or small to deploy the channel as an profit centre rather than brand management tool. In          2001 with advent of e-commerce in india we saw large organizations taking on the internet with sole purpose of building                pressence. With growing number of people connected and advent of new platform of delivery like mobile phones. Its more             important for any organization to deploy a solution to generate bandwidth between the organization and customer.

   Why Select Us?

   Where other companies are busy deploying search engine optimization techniques and building online catalog. We help you             deploy a channel which is best suitable for your business ensuring larger conversion rate of people using the channel into             customer. Being one of the few select providers in india with complete Indian E-Commerce lifecycle experience help our                   customers to save time and money by creating strategies which are not a copy of models run in US but detailed to indian                enviornment.

  Value Delivery - Establishment and Restructuring of Workflow processes

  With emergence of I.T, private sector firms were on the for-front of investment in I.T Infrastructure. But most of the I.T   infrastructure developed has been used for document processing and intra organization communication. In name of I.T many   organizations have also developed online websites. But this expect for marking property online on world wide web has not
  helped much the organizations or the site users in most cases important customers looking for organizations offerings.

  We look at existing infrastructure established and try to map established business practices at your organization to make them
  more efficient, accountable and generate ROI from existing investments made. From workflow management to business   intelligence gathering we customize practices to suite your environment.

 We offer services in all ERP functional areas including Manufacturing,Financials, Projects, Sales and Distribution and HR.

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