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   To help customers derieve value from our expertise and maintain an edge over the competition


   Cyberica Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd established in 1999 is India's leading edge Business and IT consulting firm focused on    delivering the best and most cost-effective IT solutions to our clients which can help realize management and financial goals    while further improving business practises within organization.

   We provide customers with high quality software consulting and support systems that    facilitate development of effective structures. This would range from being an outsourced    IT department to building and maintaining business systems and directing project    management. Cyberica is a full-cycle Consulting firm, providing our customers with    complete service on every stage of the project, from the initial business pain point    identification to the final re-engineered business process delivery and maintenance.

   Being one of the most experienced software companies specializing in E-Enterprise    solutions built over latest Microsoft .NET technology platform, We provide software and    services that help both large and medium enterprises increase the effectiveness,    efficiency, and profitability of customer-facing activities like sales, marketing, and service.

   While other e-business vendors offer generic suites of products, Cyberica provides deep, industry-specific solutions. This    allows us to create significantly greater business value, more quickly, for our clients.

   Since our foundation we have gained extensive experience in serving companies that have complex channels, high transaction    volumes, extensive product lines, intricate legacy systems, and low tolerance for systems failure. All of our solutions are    developed using the Cyberica's Complete Solution Delivery model implementation methodology, which reduces risk and    accelerates business returns for major strategic IT initiatives.